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Aquatic Plants

When it comes to aquatic pond plants, we are second-to-none. Whether it’s Water Hyacinths, Water Lilies, Lotus, or Bog Plants, we have the best selection and prices around.

Aquatic Plant Details

We were an aquatic nursery from day-one, which means that we raise a fair amount of our plants in any of our several on-site greenhouses. We also domestically import unique plants like Tropical Waterlilies, which are a very popular attraction at our retail store.

Greenhouse Essentials

Ziegler’s has been a functioning greenhouse for over a half-century (over 20 years under the Ziegler’s name). So, our passion for perennial greenhouse favorites is strong.

Pond Supplies

Whether you are a backyard pond owner, a commercial pond owner, or thinking about your dream pond, we have what you need! Come see the largest selection of supplies from the best brands – and our knowledgable team at the Garden Center can walk you through your questions and help you get what you need.

Pond Fish

You should have no problem finding a fish that you “have-to-have” at a budget-friendly price.


Stop by and see us today to check out our variety of fish, and see what kind will work best with your pond.

“Having your own water garden with local plants is the best way to relax and enjoy the outdoors - year round!”